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Keep your business running from the comfort of your desk – instead of you running to the bank!

First Bank’s DesktopTeller solution allows you to speed the delivery of your check deposits right from the comfort of your own desk. All you need is our small desktop scanner, a PC and an Internet connection.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Total your checks for deposit
  2. Scan checks, front and back, using your DesktopTeller scanner
  3. Submit your deposit using a secure, online connection
  4. You’re done!


  • Save time by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Have a secure alternative during inclement weather
  • Enjoy a convenient 4pm CST deposit cutoff time
  • Access check images and deposits on your PC for 2 years
  • Minimize deposit adjustments with the built-in balancing mechanism
  • Receive a deposit confirmation by email

Panini Vision XWe would be glad to provide a live DesktopTeller demonstration at your place of business. Already a First Bank DesktopTeller client?

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