Deposit Account Fees

Current as of January 1, 2018 and is subject to change.

The following fee applies to Regular Savings, Student Savings and Money Market Accounts:

Description Amount
Savings excess transaction fee (per item over 9 per quarter) $0.50
Money Market excess transaction fee (per item over 6 per month) $5.00


The following fees apply to ALL account types (Checking, Savings, Christmas Club and Money Market Accounts):

Description Amount
Overdrafts (per item) $32.75
Returned check (per item) $32.75
Bounce Protection usage fee (per item) $32.75
Overdraft Protection (with a credit card) $7.50
Sweep Overdraft Protection automatic transfer fee $7.50
Telephone transfer of funds (per transfer) $7.50
Secure token on NetTeller (annual fee) $25.00
Dormant account fee (per month on checking balances) $5.00
Dormant account fee (per quarter on saving balances, excludes Student Savings) $5.00
Stop Payment fee/closed to posting fee/levy-citation $25.00
Charge back fee $5.00
Early account closure fee (within 90 days of opening) $15.00
Money Service Business (MSB) monthly fee $100.00
Health Savings Accounts (annual fee) $25.00
Telephone inquiry service charge (per inquiry) $2.00
Christmas Club check fee (if not on direct deposit) $5.00


Miscellaneous Fees and Charges:

Description Amount
ATM withdrawal at foreign ATM not MoneyPass $1.00
Cashier’s Check (each) $6.00
Money Orders (each) $3.00
Check printing Fees vary
Bookkeeping research services (per hour) $30.00
Outgoing Wire (International $62.50) $22.50
Incoming Wire (International $32.75) $10.00
Collection item $10.00
BillPay inactive monthly fee (after 60 days of inactivity) $5.95
Secure token on NetTeller replacement fee $15.00
ATM and CheckFirst Debit Card replacement $5.00
Indemnity Bond (per lost document) $5.00
Online BillPay for business accounts after 20 paid items per month (per item) $0.40
Expedited Online BillPay Payments (next day) $19.95
Expedited Online BillPay Payments (second day) $14.95
Cash Management (monthly service fee) $30.00
Two signatures required at posting monthly fee $10.00
Desktop Teller (remote deposit) monthly service fee $35.00
Same day ACH file fee per transmitted item credit or debit $12.00
Monthly fee for Positive Pay on Cash Management $15.00
Relationship Sweep monthly service fee $25.00
Photocopy fee (per page) $0.25