Student Savings

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With no minimum balance requirement, this flexible account is a perfect tool to help students save. Pair it with our eStudent Checking account and you’ll be the head of the class!

Student Savings account features.

Account Features Details
Minimum to open $50
Monthly service charge1 $0
Allowable number of transactions per month A maximum of 6 transactions per month are allowed. A $0.50 fee will be assessed for every transaction in excess of 9 per quarter.
Interest On balances $1 and greater. Click here for current rates.

All First Bank savings accounts include:

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The interest rate and annual percentage yield will depend upon the daily balance in the account as shown in Savings and CD Interest Rates. At our discretion, the interest rate and annual percentage yield may change daily on the account. Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit noncash items (for example checks). Interest will be compounded monthly and credited monthly for those customers receiving combined checking & savings monthly statements. For those customers receiving only quarterly savings statements, interest will be compounded quarterly and paid quarterly. We use the daily balance method to calculate interest on the account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. You must maintain a minimum balance of $1.00 in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. For clients with combined statements (savings account statement is combined with checking account), a $1.00 fee is assessed if the balance falls below $100 during the month. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.

1Checking and savings accounts are considered dormant after 365 days of no activity, regardless of balance. Dormant checking accounts will be assessed a $5 monthly fee, and dormant savings accounts (excluding Student Savings) will be assessed a $5 quarterly fee. 2Web-enabled mobile phone needed for mobile banking access.